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LED light bulb-Tax Deductions to upgrade your lighting

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  • Do your lights hum or buzz?
  • Are some of your bulbs missing or burned out?
  • Tired of constantly changing the bulbs throughout your facility?
  • Do you have mismatched ceiling lamps throughout your building?
  • Would your employees feel better in a more brightly lit office or warehouse?
  • Frustrated by the constant increases in your utility bill?

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Energy Efficient Lighting in Wisconsin & Illinois: Lower Costs, Higher Thinking

Today, we are your BEST choice for energy efficient lighting. Tomorrow, reduced expenditures will save you money on every energy bill onward into the future. With custom-designed lighting solutions driven by a total dedication to maximizing your monthly cost-savings, CJM Lighting and Electrical is the premier provider of quality electrical lighting upgrades in Wisconsin and Illinois. As seen in BizTimes in September 2013 edition, check out CJM Lighting’s ad!

Our Milwaukee Lighting Contractors Provide Energy Saving Lighting with a Fast Return on Investment

We specialize in reducing commercial and industrial energy consumption while providing better, brighter light. Your lighting systems consume a consistent, predictable amount of energy. Older technologies use more power to create less light. You can FEEL the inefficiency just by putting your hand near an older fluorescent or incandescent bulb, where wasted energy is radiated as heat. This heat is more costly than using your HVAC system in the winter and works directly against your air conditioner in the summer. As newer T5, T8 and other LED lights convert a much higher percentage of energy into light than outdated T12, HID & HPS lights, every upgraded or retrofit lighting fixture saves you a predictable amount of money during each hour of operation.

Milwaukee Lighting Contractors Offer FREE Energy Audits: Your Conduit to Sustainable Savings

Our free energy assessments are your first step toward Upgrade your outdated lighting to modern T5 and T8 components.reducing operating expenditures, fully harnessing incentives and increasing your overall property value. Our energy technicians will perform a comprehensive audit to diagnose your savings opportunities and develop a solution customized to the unique particulars of your building and business. With one copy of utility bill and your hours of operation, our on-site calculation tools will predict your monthly savings quickly and precisely. By analyzing your savings over time, the profitability of your custom-built energy efficient lighting solution will be made clear: lower costs yield higher rewards. It's that simple.

During our detailed on-site energy audits, our technicians will teach you how to maximize other cost-savings including utility incentives and tax deductions toward your lighting upgrade, including the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program. Our Sussex electrical contractors will outline the ideal solution for the maximum monthly energy savings. We’ll thoroughly compare and explain each product, offering expert advice along the way, helping you make the most informed decision. For more information on specific lamps, bulbs, ballasts, motion sensors and exit signs, check out our energy efficient lighting catalogue.

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From inception to installation, our technicians will work with you to develop the fastest timetable around YOUR schedule. With extensive experience in installing commercial and industrial energy efficient lighting systems in Wisconsin and Illinois, we’ve developed a real understanding of what it takes to quickly and conveniently serve all kinds of businesses. We adhere to an agreed-upon schedule, and you start saving money on your energy bills without disrupting your daily operations.

The Lighting Contractors Milwaukee Trusts for Responsible Fluorescent Light Recycling Services

CJM is your resource for responsible lamp, bulb, and ballast recycling services. Fluorescent bulbs and lamps contain mercury and lead while old ballasts can contain PCBs, all of which are hazardous to humans and the environment. There are rules and laws governing the disposal of fluorescent bulbs and ballasts to reduce the risk of water supply contamination and human health issues. CJM Lighting thoroughly understands the rules and facilities used to ensure responsible light bulb disposal. Our fluorescent light recycling service makes your fluorescent disposal easy. We take care of your old ballasts, T12s, T8s, and T5s and legally dispose of them at a cost-effective price. CJM Lighting’s light recycling services ensure there is no need to worry about breaking the law or endangering the environment with commercial electrical lights.

Our Milwaukee Commercial Lighting Installers Showcase Dramatic Difference with Newly Installed ILP Fixtures!

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Brighten Up That Parking Garage with ILP's WTPG!

Here's a recent example of a parking garage project that replaced it's older 100W HPS fixtures with our DLC Listed 35W LED Parking Garage Fixtures, resulting in a 75% savings in energy consumption.

Click here for more on our LED WTPG.

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CJM Lighting and Electrical offers brighter lights and lower energy bills in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, Pewaukee, Burlington, Madison and throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois. For convenient and quick installation, contact us by phone or request a free energy audit online to start saving money as soon as possible.

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