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LED light bulb-Tax Deductions to upgrade your lighting


How are rebates and incentives possible? What’s the catch? It might come as a surprise to you, but the incentives to SAVE energy are actually funded by the people who PROVIDE it.

Every year, utility companies are required by law to fund rebate programs - making energy savings more affordable for business owners. There’s no “catch,” but there’s also no guarantee the incentives will last!


CJM Lighting & Electrical is proud to partner with Focus on Energy as a Trade Ally. The Focus on Energy business programs allow a wide range of businesses to receive financial incentives through energy efficiency. Since 2001, Focus on Energy has helped more than 2.8 million residents and businesses save over $730 million in energy costs.

Let CJM look at your building, your bulbs and your bill - there’s no obligation and no “catch.” With a FREE on-site energy assessment, CJM can set you up with one of the following Focus on Energy’s rebate programs and help you take advantage of these great financial incentives.

Through Focus on Energy’s rebate and incentive programs, business owners can:

For quick and convenient energy efficient commercial lighting and industrial lighting installation, or to receive your FREE on-site energy audit please contact the professionals at CJM Lighting & Electrical.


Commercial & Industrial Lighting Installation

Outfit your warehouse, industrial complex, facility or office with better, brighter lights and in-turn, lower  your energy costs. Our commercial energy efficient lighting solutions are custom built to suit your specific needs. Learn More.

Ballast, Lamp & Bulb Sales

New ballasts, lamps and bulbs can help lower your utility bills and produce optimal indoor/outdoor lighting. We offer products from the top names in LED lighting, including Philips, ESPEN, Cree, LED Living Technology, ILP, Feit, WAGO and MaxLite. We also provide inventory management to help streamline your operations process and ensure cost savings. Learn More.

Licensed Lighting Contractor Services

Whether it’s installing, inspecting or repairing your lighting systems, our knowledgeable electricians can expertly diagnose and repair lighting problems in any building. Learn More.

Ballast, Lamp & Bulb Recycling

Fluorescent bulb and ballast recycling is environmentally important and strictly regulated. At CJM, we are committed to providing eco-friendly products and services. Learn More.

CJM Lighting and Electrical

Is A Proud Trade Ally of...

Focus On Energy

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CJM has a history of lighting and electrical service in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Contact us for national supply and service inquiries.