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Reduced Energy Consumption Success Stories

Lower Energy Bill Testimonials

Below are success stories from our clients. We installed environmentally friendly commercial and industrial energy efficient lighting. For our clients, investing in quality lights ultimately paid for itself many times over. Savings began to accumulate immediately upon installation. The clients saw REAL results, in the form of more money on their bottom line at the end of every month. When utility bills, primarily electric bills, become significantly lower, our clients’ investments became a reality. The visible results ensure our clients they made the right decision when they called CJM Lighting & Electrical Inc.

CJM Gold Creations Case StudyFor the eco-minded client, our lighting systems offer green, sustainable energy solutions. Energy savings is about more than dollars and cents.

These clients reduced their carbon footprint by reducing their energy expenditures during every hour of operation.

Our industrial energy efficient lighting allows business owners to lower their energy consumption, creating cost savings while benefiting the environment.

Business owners are thanking us every day for making a difference. See for yourself!

Contact our Milwaukee electrical contractors today for highly energy efficient lighting for commercial and industrial applications.

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CJM has a history of lighting and electrical service in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Contact us for national supply and service inquiries.