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LED Lighting Installation Port Washington

Dear Jeff,

On behalf of Kendals Port II Condo Association's Board of Directors and all Association members, I would like to sincerely thank CJM Lighting for the outstanding job with our LED lighting project. Condominium  projects can often be challenging for a variety of reasons, however we were very impressed on how uncomplicated our recent project was. Your assistance with design, association meetings, the installation process, final walk through and help with the rebate program was invaluable. Your electricians were very professional and respectful of our property and residents, leaving the premises spotless.

The light fixtures chosen for this project were exactly what we had in mind. Prior to this installation, the lights in our underground parking area were on 24/7. With your recommendations  and assistance, we nov·. have fantastic, efficient LED lighting that uses motion detection and infrared technology, light dimming adjustability and time duration. The lighting is now on only as needed with an 80% to 90% power savings in the underground parking area alone. The exterior lights are saving 65% power and show off the building and property in true light. You can see by the pictures that were sent to you that it truly is like night and day.

It's a great feeling to know that this investment in our Condo Association will result in a significant reduction in our energy usage, which translates into reduced electric bills, not to mention little or no lighting maintenance costs for years to come. Thank you again for a job well done.

Kendals Port II Condo Association,  Inc.
Kay Br emser, President

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