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LED light bulb-Tax Deductions to upgrade your lighting

Business Incentive Program

Wisconsin Focus on Energy Business Incentive Program

CJM Lighting and Electrical has teamed with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program as a trade ally. The Focus on Energy Business Incentive Program allows a wide range of businesses to receive financial incentives through energy efficiency. This program applies to businesses which do not qualify for other business programs such as the Small Business Program or Chain Stores & Franchises Program.

Waukesha Lighting Professionals

CJM Lighting works with Focus on Energy’s Business Incentive Program to help establish energy efficient lighting at farms, schools, hospitality industries, and other similar large businesses. By replacing outdated T12 tube lights, LED Lamps, lighting controls, and HID lamps with qualified energy efficient lighting systems, CJM Lighting and Electrical can help your business save energy and money. Start saving money and stop wasting energy with Focus on Energy’s Business Incentive Program today when you talk to the lighting professionals at CJM Lighting and Electrical.

Milwaukee Energy Efficient Lighting

There’s no reason to tack on more expenses to your energy bill than necessary. Our Milwaukee energy efficient lighting experts have extensive experience in finding the ultimate solution for your businesses lighting needs and lowering your monthly payments. We work closely with both large and small businesses to drastically reduce your energy bill and improve your profit margins. Choose your ally in Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Trade program for lower energy bills today.

Contact your Wisconsin Focus on Energy Trade ally for more information on lowering your electrical bill and increasing energy efficiency today! 
CJM Lighting and Electrical

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Focus On Energy

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CJM has a history of lighting and electrical service in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Contact us for national supply and service inquiries.