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Fluorescent bulb and ballast recycling is environmentally important and strictly regulated. We are committed to providing eco-friendly products and services with easy fluorescent lamp disposal at CJM Lighting & Electrical.

Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and lead, which are extremely harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Illegally disposed fluorescent bulbs and ballasts end up in garbage units and landfills and can pollute our fresh water supply, creating unsafe drinking water and contaminated aquatic life.

Lamp Recycling Values

From outdated T12s to modern T8s and T5s, fluorescent light bulbs have special rules governing the necessary measures for recycling. Although energy efficient lighting upgrades are cost effective and environmentally friendly, fluorescent bulbs can still cause environmental problems if not disposed of properly. Ensuring fluorescent bulbs and ballasts remain safe for the environment begins with proper, legal light bulb recycling.


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Let CJM Lighting & Electrical help you understand the regulations and facilitate the cost-effective removal of your old components. Contact us for responsible lamp, bulb, and ballast recycling services in Southeastern Wisconsin.
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