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Large energy users program

Focus on Energy's Large Energy Users Program is available to any facility using more than 1,000kW a month within the past year. As a trade ally with Focus on Energy, CJM Lighting and Electrical has the trained and qualified professionals to assess your facilities opportunities for upgraded energy efficiency. This energy efficiency program includes updates for lighting and electrical equipment in a wide range of large businesses including agribusiness, food service, and specialty industries. CJM Lighting and Electrical provides free assessments of your facility and compiles a report of custom incentives for energy efficient equipment. Upon qualification, CJM Lighting and Electrical optimizes your facility with energy efficient equipment which saves you money and optimizes your facility's overall energy use. Talk to the Focus on Energy trade allies at CJM Lighting and Electrical to begin saving money and energy with our free site assessments and Large Energy Users incentive program.

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CJM has a history of lighting and electrical service in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Contact us for national supply and service inquiries.