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Financing Your Energy Efficient Lighting Conversion

Energy Efficient Lighting Financing Saves You Money Now 

CJM Lighting & Electrical has partnered with GFC Leasing to finance your lighting projects, so you can start saving money today. Now is the time to take advantage of the latest in lighting technology, Focus on Energy incentive programs, and low fixed interest rates with our convenient financing services.Why Choose GFC Leasing to Finance your Lighting Project?

The longer you wait to invest in energy efficient lighting the more money you are wasting on higher utility bills. Our comprehensive services include providing energy efficient lighting for offices, schools, and industrial and commercial markets at an affordable price. Save money today with our energy efficient lighting conversion services and project financing. \

Energy Efficient Lighting Financing in Practice

Below is an example of how financing an energy efficient lighting project with our 100% lease to own financing service will save you money now: 

Current Annual Energy Costs - $9,540 / 12 months = $795.00 per month
Projected Annual Energy Costs - $2,530 / 12 months = $211.00 per month


Total Project Investment $23,920.00
Focus On Energy Incentive $4,601.00

Finance this project for only $536.76 per month, plus tax, for 60 months…
Plus the customer keeps the $4,601 Focus on Energy INCENTIVE CHECK!

How Your Energy Efficiency Lighting Financing Works

Financing your energy efficient lighting project is easy with CJM Lighting & Electrical and GFC Leasing (a division of The Gordon Flesch Company). You can begin updating your facility with the latest in energy efficient lighting and technology through these simple steps:

Talk to the Wisconsin energy efficient lighting experts at CJM Lighting & Electrical today to begin saving money with our financing services.

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