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LED light bulb-Tax Deductions to upgrade your lighting

From Energy Assessment to LED Lighting Installation

The CJM Lighting and Electrical Upgrade Process

commercial lightingOur Illinois and Wisconsin energy assessments are the beginning of our comprehensive approach to minimizing your utility bill. With help from our Milwaukee energy efficient lighting experts, you’ll save money every day, every month and every year for years to come. We gather information and begin familiarizing ourselves with your business to better understand your unique lighting requirements. Our technician will then provide more information on Wisconsin Focus on Energy rebates and other tax deductions or credits.

Our on-site calculations will accurately assess how quickly your new lighting system will pay for itself, in most cases offering a return on investment in less than 24 months.

Next we perform an on-site walkthrough. CJM Lighting and Electrical will evaluate your existing lighting quality and energy costs. Each fixture will be examined. Rooms will be evaluated for occupancy sensor and daylight harvesting control opportunities.  Our complete, turnkey approach includes a complete overview of applicable LED energy efficient lighting products, custom options and personalized recommendations. Using a simple utility bill and your hours of operation, one of our experienced lighting engineers will provide on-the-spot analysis of your current expenditures and savings potential. Additional information will be collected as necessary to help you maximize other financial incentives.

industrial lightingOur detailed analysis will chart your best path to dramatic energy bill reduction and applicable return on investment. Upon acceptance, CJM completes the installation of your energy efficient lighting in Waukesha, Wauwatosa, Waukegan or the surrounding communities.

CJM Lighting and Electrical has extensive experience in meeting the needs of businesses. We understand your lighting solution must ultimately work best for your unique circumstances and goals. We’ll work with you to set up an installation plan around your operating hours, maximizing your savings without disrupting your workflow.

Getting the job done right means finding you the best deal on the best lighting possible. With free delivery in the Milwaukee metro area and free, immediate on-site assessments there’s no downside to scheduling an audit today. Even if you’ve received an upgrade within the last decade our technicians will often find opportunities for further savings. We will accurately quote you on how much money you’ll save every month and how long it will take for your new lighting system to start delivering profit.

From implementation to execution our services are fast and convenient. Upon completion we’ll provide legal, environmentally friendly and cost-effective recycling services for your old bulbs, ballasts and lamps. Our technicians will even help you maintain and manage your future inventory of modern, longer-lasting components.

Contact CJM Lighting and Electrical today for a free energy audit in Madison, Pewaukee, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Southeast Wisconsin or Northern Illinois. We'll file the rebate on your behalf - no waiting on your part!
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