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As the premiere Milwaukee energy efficient lighting consultants and engineers, CJM uses the BEST components for optimal light and the BEST products for saving you money on your utility bills. You’ll get the ideal lights for your unique business requirements, whether you need low-bay or high-bay lighting, CFL lamps and bulbs, T-8 and T-5 ballasts or lamps. We offer products from the top names in LED lighting, including GE, Phillips, Keystone, Venture, and Espen. CJM proudly services as the premier provider of  Wisconsin LED energy efficient lighting components.

Our featured lighting component brands include GE, Phillips, Sylvania, Cree, Ruud, and RAB.

CJM Lighting and Electrical provides better light and higher energy savings in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha and throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Contact us by phone or request a free energy audit online today.



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CJM has a history of lighting and electrical service in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan. Contact us for national supply and service inquiries.