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LED light bulb-Tax Deductions to upgrade your lighting

Energy Saving Tips and FAQs

Questions about Environmentally Friendly Light Fixtures, Wisconsin Energy Rebates and Credits, and More!

Spiral light bulbBelow we offer questions and answers on the benefits of energy efficient lighting in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our commercial electrical lighting contractors pride themselves on our expertise and availability. We connect business owners to their best options for green commercial and electric lighting to deliver the highest monthly energy savings.

As a Wisconsin Focus on Energy Trade Ally, our process begins with providing a free energy audit in Milwaukee, Madison, or throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Our analysis will yield your best opportunities for maximum savings. CJM Lighting & Electrical will then break down your monthly expenditures and assess how quickly your lighting upgrade will pay for itself.

Choose CJM Lighting and Electrical for the best value in commercial or industrial energy efficient lights. After our technicians calculate your options, we’ll proceed with a thorough and timely installation of your energy efficient lighting fixtures. 

Review the frequently asked questions below or contact our Milwaukee electrical contractors online to request other information on how you will benefit from a Wisconsin energy efficient lighting upgrade.

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Will the T12 light bulb ban affect me?

Possibly. The Department of Energy put forth a directive calling for the elimination of T12 fluorescent light bulbs by July 2012. Even though this ban has yet to be fully implemented and enforced, nervous manufacturers have in most cases ceased or scaled back production. Responding to mounting pressure, newer and better T8 and T5 components are now delivered more cost-effectively than ever before while T12 costs continue to rise. These lamps were considered wasteful when compared to their energy efficient lighting counterparts including LED and better filament-based technologies. If you suspect your tube-shaped fluorescent bulbs are banned or inefficient, contact CJM Lighting & Electrical today. The good news is your lighting upgrade is often tax deductable and the energy savings will quickly pay for itself.

Act fast. Tax and utility rebates will not be around forever. Positive financial incentives are expected to disappear when the ban is fully implemented.

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Is it true leaving the lights on for brief timeframes is more energy efficient than turning them off and back on again?

It depends on the kind of light. Energy efficient LED lights take no extra energy to power back on again. Most incandescent bulbs will use less energy when you turn them off, unless the lights are only off for a few seconds. The real expense (which is largely negated by LED bulbs) comes when incandescent and fluorescent bulbs have their life shortened by frequent on/off switching. In general, we can assert turning the lights off is more energy efficient than leaving them on for a minute.

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Are your industrial and commercial electrical lighting upgrades environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. We choose components with lighting quality, financial savings and environmental concerns in mind. We are proud of the benefits afforded by our energy efficient lighting upgrades. Contact one of our Milwaukee lighting engineers for more information on the ecological savings and benefits.

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